Wednesday, February 9, 2011


yesterday, i ate one bowl of soup and three bowls of cereal.

it was more like, one huge bowl of broth. they really screwed me over on the noodles and chicken, literally less than 1/4 of it was nooldles and i counted 6 pieces of chicken.

thanks campbell.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


This blog probably won't be anything new or exciting as far as blogs go. I just suddenly had this overwhelming urge to start writing/documenting/photographing/sharing my thoughts/ideas/rants with whomever wanted to read them.

I also have a theory, if I can better express my thoughts on 'paper' it might help me with my painting. I'm a painter you see, and have been struggling with the most extreme painter's block for about 8 months.

First thought today: Dammit.

Disclaimer: I sometimes do not like to use caps, like, at all. Also, things may get a little rough and offensive. So, don't get all Sensative Sally on me, some things just need to be said. I can be a cold hearted bitch from time to time, so buck up.